Beachside Sunset

A digital environment concept art piece created with Photoshop. I enjoyed using a different color palette than I normally use to depict the colors of sunset, and imagining what a futuristic view of a beach would look like.

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Creature Designs

Some fun creature designs, anthro-alien types bordering on cartoony. I focused on having distinct silhouettes and clear line drawings instead of a painted look. Some of the underdrawing has been left visible to give it a more lively, in-process look.

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Defending the Keep

A digital illustration/concept done in Photoshop. The original sketch was conceptualized a long time ago but it got orphaned as I worked on other things. I kept it about 80% classic fantasy and added a bit of Eastern style twist to the designs which hopefully gave it a fresher […]

Riddick: Rule the Dark

Full digital painting, inspired by the upcoming film Riddick. Semi-finalist in the Rule the Dark art contest.

I was a big fan of Pitch Black way back when Vin Diesel was just an up-and-coming action star, and although Chronicles of Riddick fell short of its ambitious goals, I’m game to […]

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