Valkyrie Warrior

My interpretation of a Valkyrie warrior, full digital painting done in Photoshop. it was started a while back but I wasn’t happy with it. Came back to it recently and finished it up to a level that I was okay with. Designing the axe was fun, I was trying […]

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Dark Sorceress

Full digital painting of a seductive dark sorceress character. I tend to use different processes for different projects, depending on a number of factors, but this time I chose to go a very traditional illustration route.

I started off with 4 black and white thumbnails, just to brainstorm compositions. I […]

The Lost City

An environment concept based on a lost city underwater, perhaps being discovered by some archeologists of an advanced biotech civilization long after our world is gone.

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Scared Stiff

Scared Stiff, an entry for the MAMA art contest. MAMA is a Spanish horror film presented by Guillermo del Toro and looks to be another solid foreign horror production. The contest asks artists to draw on their own childhood nightmares, so my entry depicts a very real childhood fright […]

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