Devil’s Wake

The entire 60-page run of Devil’s Wake is now available on! Originally published by DC Comics’ own online imprint Zuda Comics, they have chosen select titles to be featured on comiXology.

The digital comics website is chock-full of the best comics around, from heavy hitters like DC and Image […]

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Fun Fun Fun Fest 6 Flyer Design

A quick flyer whipped up for Fun Fun Fun Fest 2012 in Austin, Texas. A fun comic style done to highlight the variety at this great Austin music festival.

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Devil’s Wake Character Concepts

Concept character designs created for Devil’s Wake. The idea is a post-apocalyptic zombie western, sort of Road Warrior meets Sergio Leone. I tried to keep the main characters fairly realistic in terms of clothing and style, and then made the bad guys more flashy and crazy as a contrast.

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Metallica Concept Storyboards

Concept storyboards for a scene in the proposed Metallica film project.

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