Concept Art

Tokyo Suckerpunch – Hiro and Kenji

Here are the two main side characters of Tokyo Suckerpunch: Hiro Bhuto, a happy-go-lucky bar owner who helps out our Billy, and Kenji the mysterious chauffeur for a retired Japanese film director.

Tokyo Suckerpunch – Orange Blossom

Another concept art from the Tokyo Suckerpunch files, this one featuring Orange Blossom, the story’s femme fatale, along with her bodyguard chilling in a bizarre Western-themed Japanese saloon.

Tokyo Suckerpunch – Billy Chaka!

Some new concept art I’m working on for a proposed film based on the book Tokyo Suckerpunch, a funny and exciting neon-noir set in underground Tokyo. This one features Billy Chaka, our fearless American journalist that becomes embroiled in a strange murder mystery.

Decoy Card Design

This is a playing card design created as a demo for an Austin RPG card company.