Defending the Keep

A digital illustration/concept done in Photoshop. The original sketch was conceptualized a long time ago but it got orphaned as I worked on other things. I kept it about 80% classic fantasy and added a bit of Eastern style twist to the designs which hopefully gave it a fresher look.

Riddick: Rule the Dark

Full digital painting, inspired by the upcoming film Riddick. Semi-finalist in the Rule the Dark art contest.

I was a big fan of Pitch Black way back when Vin Diesel was just an up-and-coming action star, and although Chronicles of Riddick fell short of its ambitious goals, I’m game to check out the new film which looks to be a back-to-the-roots effort for Vin and writer/director David Twohy. Anyway I’ve also loaded up some process shots for fun, aiming for a very old school look as well as a somewhat sketchy final result, but I liked the way it turned out and didn’t want to overwork it. David Twohy himself judged the Rule the Dark contest, so it was cool to make it to the semi-finals.

Valkyrie Warrior

My interpretation of a Valkyrie warrior, full digital painting done in Photoshop. it was started a while back but I wasn’t happy with it. Came back to it recently and finished it up to a level that I was okay with. Designing the axe was fun, I was trying to come up with something almost feminine-looking for a female warrior but still has some Celtic influence and looks like she could chop your head off.

Dark Sorceress

Full digital painting of a seductive dark sorceress character. I tend to use different processes for different projects, depending on a number of factors, but this time I chose to go a very traditional illustration route.

I started off with 4 black and white thumbnails, just to brainstorm compositions. I wanted to show her using some sort of dark magic power while using the moon and some trees as the background. Once I decided on the composition I liked, its a pretty straightforward process of enlarging the art and filling in the details. I also changed some colors to set her off against the monochromatic background. Below you can see the step by step process, going backwards.